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What you’ve been to me. 

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The truth is.

The truth is.

I’ve been looking for good JoanLock vids today and really only found a few. There are so many upbeat vids using really poppy music that I don’t like…or the editing is less than stellar. But I have to say, this is probably one of the best vids I’ve seen. The editing is amazing and the quality is great. The song is a really great match. More subtle and… mature, I guess the word is. Great job to the vidder.

Vidder: Loki
Song: Black Flies
Artist: Ben Howard
Warnings: spoilers up to 1x03




Why is everyone romanticizing Moriarty? Why are people saying her letter is genuine or she loves Holmes? She is a
s-o-c-i-o-p-a-t-h. Say it with me. Even she admits she can’t make connections. Holmes doesn’t miss her. He misses what he THOUGHT he had with a woman he knew as Irene.

That letter was a manipulation… She’s incapable of love.  

Reasons why I’m super uncomfortable with Joan/Moriarty.

Thank you for SOMEONE saying this! It drives me mad when people make her out to be some ‘epic love’. Moriarty is a person who used Sherlock to her own ends and when he became too inconvenient she faked her own death in the way she knew would destroy him the most.

Sometimes I wonder if the roles were reversed and this was some guy who did this to Joan, would people still act like it’s so romantic? Or would they see him as the abusive and evil bad guy he was? 

I think people watch those ‘Irene’ scenes and think about how romantic they were but forget that Irene was a lie. She liked Sherlock, in the only way she really could. As much as a cat likes a toy mouse to play with. She wouldn’t kill him to put him out of his misery… she just takes him out to torture whenever the mood strikes her.

What we saw of her was just the human suit she wore to hide who she really was. In fact, the closest we saw to who Moriarty really was was when she kidnapped Joan at that restaurant. And there we see that she was an ostentatious, uppity, self-satisfied, arrogant bitch who is the exact opposite of who Sherlock fell in love with or would fall in love with. Since then, we haven’t really seen the real her.

I also wish Sherlock would stop writing to her. I just find that so… awful. Not only is it disrespectful to Joan— the woman threatened her life— but he should be smart enough by now to see who she really is and recognize that she’s just another drug. He’s enabling himself by writing to her as though she’s the only one in the world who understands him. He should know by now that that isn’t the case anymore.

I wish people would stop making it seem like they’re so deep and epic. Same with Joan/Moriarty. But at least that is more fantasy… it’s not an actual basis of the show.



♥ Sherlock & Joan || We’re staring at it…(1x24)  

I’m normally not into this type of music, but the video editing is wonderfully done. I don’t get how people don’t ship them… or ship them with other people. I just will never understand it. They are endgame. All the way. Till the wheels fall off. Other people might as well not exist.

screencapped dot net

guys, would you please do me a favor and reblog this if you use screencaps from screencapped.net? they are a wonderful site that is essentially screencap heaven, but they’ve been receiving a lot of hate and rude comments as of lately which resulted in the site being put on a hiatus. this…

Reblogging the fuck out of this.

I’m mentally beating the living shit out of anyone who badmouths them. I mean… I tried capping one episode of Sherlock on my own and considered suicide by the time I was done. So to have it all done for me by them is a blessing.

Love them. Love everything about them. What the hell is wrong with people???

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I love how protective he gets

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There are times when I’m watching the scene in Elementary where Moriarty has Joan at the restaurant. And she’s acting like she’s the most hardcore bad guy. 

And Joan gives her this look and- I swear, go back and watch it yourself- it just seems like she’s thinking, ‘bitch, I’m fucking O-Ren Ishii. I will destroy your twiggy blonde ass. I will collect your fucking head.’

I just want to see Joan do something badass. Something not Moriarty related because that’s not her fight. But just something. 

And I kind of want Sherlock to see it and be thoroughly impressed.

What the fuck was that?

Can I just say how fucking horrible the How I Met Your Mother finale was? I mean…an I thought the Dexter finale was bad.

Take every single idea that would ruin a finale to your favorite show… and do all of them. And more. That would be the HIMYM finale. I kept expecting to find out that it wasn’t real. As if, any moment, the voice-over would say he was lying and that’s not how it ended up at all.

Good job, writers. Nothing like ruining an entire show in one episode. That takes some serious skill.